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We hope you enjoyed the Article in Stereoscopy.  If you are interested in purchasing the book, “Restoring and Tinting Vintage Images”, you can save 25% by using Code: JQZRUQ35 when ordering here


In addition you can receive discounts on some of our finished material:

10% off of Civil War Stereo Cards: Use code 3DEvent when ordering stereo cards here

 Free shipping (up to $5.00 on orders of $15 or more) off any 2D images: Use Code Shipevent when ordering images here


Free software to restore and color your own images: 

    Photoshop CS2 (this is a retired version from Adobe that has been released to the public).  Download Photoshop CS2 here(near the bottom) for either PC/Mac and use the corresponding serial number.

    GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Program) is an open source image editor that can read/write Photoshop files and other common graphic formats.  Downloads can be found here

Class Schedule and Discounts on Training:

All training is conducted online.  You can attend from your home or office.  You must have high speed Internet access and a PC/Mac to attend.  Classes are limited to 15 students.  You are welcome to bring your own images to work with in class.  The class will cover the following topics:


  • Obtaining images
  • Public domain sources
  • Understanding DPI and MegaPixels


  • Straighten a crooked image
  • Working with layers
  • Minor blemishes
  • Missing pieces
  • Too dark or too light?
  • Erasing fine lines
  • Breaks and tears
  • Correcting your mistakes

Colorization (tinting)

  • Determining the right color
  • Applying color to your image
  • Drawing a straight line
  • Finalizing the color
  • Creating a new sky
  • Adding clouds

    November 16th, 2013 (Saturday) 2-4 PM PT Regular $99
    Stereoscopy special $90


    December 14th, 2013 (Saturday) 2-4 PM PT Regular $99
    Stereoscopy special $90